Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Perspectives Of Jungle And Zoo Tigers

On tuesday this term we watched a video about learning my way. The video was called Learning Like A Jungle Tiger

I would much rather be a hybrid of the both because I don't mind being in a cage where everybody is in sync but not to in sync, but i don't mind either being on my own having a challenge and working hard for achievements, being a jungle tiger would be easier if you were put into a cage but you would get bored because you don't do anything for yourself but if you were a zoo tiger put in a jungle it would be hard because you don't have anyone doing anything for you so you can't do anything.

Aaron L

Monday, July 25, 2016

This Is My Book Review On The Book: Phantom Of Terawhiti: Dez Hunt

Which character I like the most was Tasha, Tasha Is an exotic animal and doesn’t need words to explain how she’s feeling at the moment, She can do certain things to tell the other characters how she is feeling happy or not.

I reckon if i had a choice of name the book it will be Exotic Sightings because of how Tasha is an Exotic animal from africa and how so many people had Sightings of foreign animals on the bay.

Some great language features which were included in the story…
“A view down to the tracked hugged the coastline”.
“He fired a stream of Russian at the boy”.
“It was like a Queen surveying her kingdom”.

I Recommend This Book To People Who Like Action Pack And Thriller Books.

A Question To The Author: What would've happened to Tarsha and Alex Didn’t Leave Hermit's  Hole Or Didn’t Scratch The Neanderthals?

Aaron L

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Introducing Myself and sRandom Writin #1

Hello i'm Aaron l.  I like doing random writing, slacking off (A bit though :) ), playing minecraft, role playing and loads more. (Here is a piece of Writing I have Done)

The Tribute’s Fled To cornucopia or into the forest

(After 2 hours

After two hours Teams 7 and 9  meet at cornucopia by accident and start a teaming up,

(Poe) “Kill them!”
(Jackson) “Wait No don’t I think they might be desant players,”

(Aaron) “Oh shut up maybe kill cow face here but not me!”
(Sam) Oh that’s how you feel about me? No wonder why you wanted to lose me in the forest?

(Poe) “Okay both of you shut up!”
(Jackson) “We can team but under one circumstance… We have to have each others backs and we take out the rest of the careers. Sound like a plan?

(Sam) What are we going to do when the careers are dead?
(Aaron) You Idiot We are going to kill the kid from district 3 and then we are going to split up and then after that we will have an ultimate deathmatch only using our fist, OK got that sheep face?

(Poe) I’m going to kill the careers now and i’m going to come back and i’m going to stay in the cornucopia until the feast rises then i’m taking it for myself and If you want some Dez I suggest you follow and take cover the kid from 3 has a bow and he has a thing about stalking us, so be carefull.

(Jackson/Dez) I’m going to stick with you all the way until they throw in the mutts then i’m running for my life while also throwing my knives at them.

(Sam Cow/Sheep face) Wait Why don’t we put on a show for the capitol and kill ourselves?
(Aaron) Well if that happens what do you reckon they will do to our districts? If we complete our doings who will be our victor?

(Poe) Well I want to get our jobs done before anything else and what if we get killed in the process?.. What am I think i’m more lethal than the rest of you beside the alpha of team 10?
(Jackson) Well… Why don’t we get Know each others name? Im Dez, Dez meondo.
(Poe) Im Arni short for Arnold.

(Sam) Well i’m sheep or cow face that name was given to me by that idiot over there!

(Aaron) Well anyway i’m Kyle and cow face’s name is actually Shaw

After a few minutes a new team a risen.

(James) Whew that dude really done a number on me

(Jack) Oi, What are you doing here? This is my base and or camp.

(James) Oh… well temporarily team? We might want to take out the careers and the team of four.
(Jack) *sighs*
(James) I’ve stalked the team of four and I heard that they are going to kill the careers and then kill us…
(Jack) Well… wait shot there.
(James) why?
(Jack) just do it!

He shoots the camera and then the plan happens